Michelle Weisz | Business analyst and project manager specialising in eBooks and the publishing industry

I am an independent project manager with a focus on the publishing industry. I have previously worked in senior roles at HarperCollins Publishers, Penguin Books, and McGraw-Hill, in the areas of digital business, communications, business development, sales and marketing. I offer a fresh pair of eyes to your  business – to bring a new perspective to any existing issues you may like to focus on.

Business processes

I design business processes or services to reduce complexity. I love to create new operations from the ground up, or redesign existing processes for ease of use for you and your customers.

I can work with you to:

  • Analyse and refine existing processes
  • Design new operations or services
  • Conduct training sessions

I am a publishing and eBooks specialist, with experience across the industry. I can help you build an eBooks operation from scratch, or simply work with your team to refine workflows and save time and money.

Contact me to:

  • Start a new eBooks operation
  • Simplify your existing workflows
  • Refine and analyse eBook reports
Project management

If a strategic project is delayed because your management team is at capacity, I can provide organisation and momentum to get things moving quickly, and deliver the project to an agreed timeline.

I can take pressure off your team and:

  • Manage key projects
  • Gather business requirements
  • Provide internal communications
Business development

I love to find additional sales opportunities with minimal investment – by repackaging existing content, or by targeting new sales channels. I can help you find a new approach to your customer base.

Contact me to:

  • Bring fresh ideas to your backlist
  • Conduct a workshop with your staff
  • Find new sales channels to pursue
Metadata optimisation

If you would like a pair of fresh eyes to review your metadata and how it is working to sell your books, I can give you a clear picture of your data in action, with simple optimisation tips to save time and increase sales.

Services include:

  • Review your metadata
  • Tailored metadata optimisation tips
  • Optimise your metadata by title
Marketing campaigns

I have extensive marketing experience, and have managed campaigns to promote major authors from celebrity chefs to children’s books. Contact me to deliver when your marketing team is at capacity.

I can help to any extent you choose:

  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Implement the campaigns
  • Provide reports for stakeholders
How I work

I listen to my clients. I ‘get it’ the first time you tell me. I can quickly and intuitively understand your needs and distill your brief into a project outline to clearly set out the work to be done and outcomes to be achieved.

I come to every project with a fresh outlook and an open mind – the work I do is about your business and your goals (never my personal agenda). I will highlight the positive while working through anything you would like to change. I will work as an extension of your team, calmly and efficiently, to achieve a positive outcome.


HarperCollins India is greatly indebted to you for your great support and advice in starting our ePublishing programme. You literally did hand holding for us while explaining the process and organising various training sessions. You were very supportive and meticulous in helping us with evaluating and choosing the right processes and partners for our business. I don’t think I could have found a person better than you.

Amit Sharma
HarperCollins India
General Manager


I cannot recommend Michelle Weisz highly enough. I involved her in a number of varied projects, some large, some small, some intense, some more observational or research-based and in every case I was delighted with the outcome. Her capacity to work collaboratively with people across the whole business meant that they trusted her and she received excellent cooperation (therefore the project succeeded). Michelle is methodical and organised and uses her time extremely well which means deadlines are met and teams didn’t think their time was wasted. I received excellent feedback on her work from everyone she came in contact with.

Michael Moynahan
HarperCollins ANZ
Retired CEO


Michelle is an outstanding professional with experience across so many disciplines including sales, marketing and digital. Also a joy to work with.

Jim Demetriou
Allen & Unwin
Sales and Marketing Director